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Grenzfahrt II


In September 2014 artists of the group Kaba Hat (Nihan Somay, Özgür Atlagan, Onur Ceritoglu) travelled together with the artists Birgit Auf der Lauer and Caspar Pauli from Berlin on the Greek-Turkish border, along the river Meric/ Evros. They had long conversations with villagers, police, military, shop owners, smugglers, doctors and lawyers about their life at the EU outer border, the refugee issue, economic conditions and moments of encountering ‘the other side’. 
Now they would like to make public the knowledge, stories and information they gathered through a series of events that will take place in the Galerie im Turm and in public space in Berlin. 
At this time in their presentations they will draw parallels with historical situations which were documented around the Berlin Wall and open up a dialogue about these two different border situations. The artists hope that this comparison will help the audience to think outside the parameters of Europe and the ones created by the media where events are related only with the nations were they happen.

From the 1st of November till the 7th a series of experiments will be realized to share the research material with audiences in Berlin. These experiments involve for example the creation of a Thrakian style cafe serving frappe and tea, walks along the Berlin Wall sharing material of the journey along the Meric/Evros, discussions about how to publish through the means of art precarious research material and more.

Birgit Auf der Lauer und Caspar Pauli arbeiten seit 2010 zusammen und leben in Berlin. Mit ihren Projekten und Werken loten sie Disziplinen, Fähigkeiten und ihre Grenzen immer wieder neu aus. Ein wichtiger Moment ist der Dialog mit Zeitzeugen und Experten, die sie während ihrer Recherchen treffen. Langfristige Erkundungen rund um Themen und Fragen zu Umbrüchen und Transformation von Orten münden in Installationen, Zeichnungen oder Performances.

Özgür Atlagan, Onur Ceritoglu and Nihan Somay belong to the artist group KABA HAT, which is comprised of nine artists based in Istanbul. KABA HAT tries to find ways of collaborative artistic production as well as proposing ways of exhibiting outside the gallery space. Their work deals with issues such as urban politics, travelling/tourism and economies of art industry. It can take many forms, from public video screenings, to performances or publication.

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