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Childs of Poseidon by Birgit Auf der Lauer and Caspar Pauli
Galerie im Körnerpark, September 2013


Urbanität mal anders

Künstlerische Projekte zur ästhetischen Stadtforschung

Aus welchen ungewöhnlichen Perspektiven kann man den urbanen Raum erforschen? Nach welchen Mustern bewegen sich die Menschen in der Stadt? Wie lässt sich das festhalten, was man beim Erwandern und Beobachten des Stadtraums entdeckt?
Mit solchen und ähnlichen Fragen beschäftigen sich die Zeichnungen und Installationen von Birgit Auf der Lauer & Caspar Pauli, Larissa Fassler, Heimo Lattner und Pia Linz. Parallel zur Ausstellung finden Stadtwanderungen statt sowie Workshops mit Schülern, die den Stadtraum mit selbstgebauten Camera Obscuras erforschen. Die Ergebnisse werden ebenfalls in der Ausstellung vorgestellt, die sich dadurch während der Laufzeit mehrfach verändert. Kuratiert von Dorothee Bienert.

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Peering (at) Holes by Birgit Auf der Lauer and Caspar Pauli
Apartment’s Project, August 2013

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Beyond Commemoration curated by Dovrat Meron with Moran Sanderovich, Birgit auf der Lauer and Valeria Schwarz/Maik Kerner Holocaust Memorial August, 2012 One of the main criticisms against the Eisenman’s Holocaust Memorial in Berlin is that it is too abstract and does not invite to any discourse on the culture of memory. Beyond Commemoration suggests alternative ways to commemorate the holocaust. For Beyond Commemoration Dovrat Meron invited three artists to develop performances and interventions at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Her aim was first of all to enable these artists to develop performative projects that raise meaningful questions about the memorial and about their personal understanding of commemoration. The result is three very different projects:

Erinnerung² by Birgit Auf der Lauer

The memorial arouses varied reactions. Walking inside becomes an aesthetic experience, producing conflicts between the memorial’s agenda of modest reverence and having fun. The reception of memorial visitors is even less controllable than their physical behavior. The stelae field creates proliferations in the memory of, from and beyond the Holocaust. In Commemoration² the artist Birgit Auf der Lauer guides to these transient proliferations of memory and remembrance belonging to various memorial visitors.

Insight Skin by Moran Sanderovich

The work “Insight Skin” by performance artist Moran Sanderovich was created and premiered in Jerusalem. It deals with the way repressed memories and interior conflicts shape and transform the human body. When presented at the Holocaust Memorial, questions of repetition are animated through the performance. “The path of modern humanity goes from humanity through nationality to bestiality” (Grillparzer, 1848).

Small Questions for Large Places by Valeria Schwarz & Maik Kerner

With “Small questions for large places” Valeria Schwarz explores the boundaries between the terms monument (Denkmal) and memorial (Mahnmal). She raises the visitor’s awareness to the conventions and behavioural codes evoked by the memorial. As a kind of guardian of site specific consciousness, in a very respectful and friendly way Maik Kerner discusses with the visitors the rules of the memorial and whether their behaviour within this semi-public place is appropriate or not. The inquiry regarding the rules in the memorial and the presence of guards was a focal point throughout the project.


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Tourist Trap by Dovrat Meron
Brandenburger Tor, April 2012

Dovrat: “Fascinated by the role of memorials I “trap” tourist inside a costume which extends my arms at the high touristy Brandenburger gate, at the heart of Berlin and persuade them to join me to a unique guided tour.

Tourist Trap is a universal term which describes a situation when a local person takes an advantage on innocent tourists that are not familiar with the country for financial or other profit. In the performance Tourist Trap I invite tourists to a parkour between four locations in walking distance. Starting at the Brandenburger Gate, continue to the memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe and the memorial to the Homosexuals persecuted under the Nazi Regime, and finish at the under construction memorial to the Sinti and Roma, murdered under the Nazi Regime. Between collective and personal, facts and fictive I hope to throw light on the complex role of memorials in public spaces.”



Berlin-Birkenau by Lukasz Surowiec

Part of the Berlin Biennale@BLO-Ateliers, April 2012.

In November 2011, the Polish artist Lukasz Surowiec brought 320 birches from the ares around the former concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau to Berlin, to work against forgetting. The trees are spread over the whole city.

This work was produced with the support of the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art.








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