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Transnationality and Translinguality


In Transnationality and Performance and Translinguality and Writing, nationality and language are both, the medium and the material in their own right. Passports are used as canvases, culture as palette of acrylic, oil or water colors and tongues as a brush, ZOLL stamps at the borders turns to “ready made” objects, words in exotic languages becomes musical scores. Working internationally often forces living and traveling for long periods between various countries and cultures. Adjusting to a new culture and learning a new language is not an easy task. For one person it is an adventure that becomes the material for the next piece or results in a book ,and for another a nightmare. Transnationality and Translinguality bring together performance artists, authors and translators that live in several countries and languages and that seeks to integrate creative and critical concerns. Some of the invited participants live between two or more countries, hold more than one nationality and speak two languages as mother tongues, other cut and paste their life and re-edit their biographies.

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“…When nationality and language become cultural products, artists are exported as national goods….” (“Roa be sdot zarim”- ” רואה בשדות זרים”  Dovrat Meron )







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